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from Ruby Lane

Antique Gnome Picture Button Gnomes Carrying Flowers to Snow White's Casket Lily-of-the-Valley

White'S Casket,Gnomes Carrying,Button Gnomes,Gnome Picture,Antique Gnome,Pictorial Button,Carrying Flowers,Snow White'S,Picture Button


Antique Solid Brass Mailbox c. 1900 - 1910 Architectural Restoration

Pleased to offer this lovely antique mailbox in beautiful condition. It is solid brass, very well made and very heavy. It has a great patina, and a

from Ruby Lane

Antique Amethyst Glass Door Knob Set Deep Purple Doorknob

Antique Amethyst,Amethyst Glass,Purple Amethyst,Purple Doorknob,Doorknockers Locks,Set Deep,Glass Doorknobs,Knob Set,Deep Purple

from Ruby Lane

Item ID: RL0046 In Shop Backroom

from Period Paper

1934 Print Cherokee Park Daniel Boone Statue Kentucky Landmark Historical NGMA6

Daniel Boone (1734-1820), known for his role in the exploring and settling of the Kentucky frontier decided that the settlement of Boonesborough had become far too crowded. In December 1779, Boone and his family established Boone’s Station. At its height, the community had 15 to 20 families, including the Boone, Barrow, Hays, Morgan, Muir, Scholl and, Stinson families.