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On December 1, 1955, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was implemented following the arrest of Rosa Parks on that day. Fliers were distributed in black neighborhoods by Jo Ann Robinson of the Women's Political Movement, and the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA), led by Dr, Martin Luther King, met to prepare a statement to the city demanding equal seating and... (art by Ernie Barnes).

"In 2010, to celebrate Shanghai World Expo, the artist Huaibing Guan has conceived a public artwork, called "Travel in Time". This is a maze like structure with paths inside. The interaction between viewer and the artworks is pleasant. People can go through the paths to experience of traveling in time. It's a boat like maze and the works are made up of around 30 separate pieces. The components of this works are square stainless tubes." 88 feet long by 13 feet wide.

from Geraldfei's Blog

some artist’s urban intervention project

sealed-park-Bernadotte. Cedric Bernadotte is the artist who’s experiments are often focused on the human presence in cities, how to use public spaces appropriately, and questioning the frontier between public spaces and private spaces.