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from Etsy

Mother and Daughter Wall Art -Mom and Daughter Digital Art Print - Family - Children's Wall Art -- Print

Mother and Daughter * I Never Knew How Much Love My Heart Could Hold - adorable artwork for the Moms and Daughters in your life. *

I have never seen/ heard this quote ever before and after watching "How I Met Your Mother" this week I have heard it on the show, seen a FB status quoting it and it just popped up on pinterest. I think someone is trying to tell me something. YES >:D

from BuzzFeed

25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

Thank you Lord for providing me with a calm, cool, collected, and well thought out demeanor. You have blessed me most recently by letting my thoughts and actions portray your goodness and grace. May you always have control over my tongue and reactions. Thank you lord!!! -NPS


Quotes to Get You Through Hard Times

When life isn't going your way, turn to Anne Lamott, Gary Zukav, Elizabeth Gilbert and more of the wisest people we know for strength.

Challenges are not meant to be a road block in your life. They're not meant to emotionally or psychically scar you. They're meant to test you, to prove that you are stronger than you may seem. And they are meant to make you stronger, to prove your worth.

It might take you a few tries to have a good day, but don’t give up! ^^ Cute quotes for health & happiness,exactly,Frases motivacionales,Good to know,Little Inspirations,lovely,Psicologia,random,Recipes to try!,True,

I think this truly applies to people. Sometimes you have to take a step back and analyze who in your life is healthy for you, and who is bringing you down. Don't be anchored down by people who are taking you away from all that you can accomplish.

NSFW and blogs are blocked.My cravings, my desires, my inner me. Female, I don't use Kik, Skype or the likes. I don't sext and not interested in talking dirty either. Also not sending any personal pictures other than those already on the blog.This is a...