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Which is why my students get to be "teachers" on a regular basis. I sit at my desk and they teach one question.

Sparkling in Second: Curing Tattle Tongue {Behavior Books}

Life on the Fly.... A School Counselor Blog: Perseverance: Turn Those Lemons into Lemonade!

Cooperation could be used with PA activity or as a behavior reminder.

Bulletin Board: 10 Ways to Get People To Like You

7 Habits Bulletin Board Ideas | Personal/Social - CCHS Counseling

How do you teach a Growth Mindset? By letting students struggle and share. This activity has been used by thousands of educators to teach Growth Mindset.

from Frugal Buzz Forums: Community of Bargain Hunters & Couponers

October Reading: 30 Kindle Kids' Books For $1 Each @ Amazon

Give Up, Gecko!