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Persian bazu band (vambrace / arm guard), 19th century, shaped to the fore-arm and decorated overall with gold-damascened foliage inhabited by pairs of birds, wrist-plates (one pitted) damascened with gold scrollwork and attached by butted mail, original velvet liner, and earlier Indian hand-defense (worn and damaged) studded with a scaled design of gilt-copper nails, 49 cm.

from Ancient History Encyclopedia

Map of the Indo-Saka Kingdoms

Indo-Saka / Indo-Scythian Kingdoms. India's name comes from the Indus River. The ancient mythological emperor, Bharata, in the Indian epic Mahabharata. In writings called Puranas (religious/historical texts 5th century CE) The land was, therefore, known as Bharatavarsha (`the sub-continent of Bharata’). Homonid activity in the Indian sub-continent stretches back over 250,000 years and it is, therefore, one of the oldest inhabited regions on the planet.