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Denmark Green Card is point based system on the basis of language proficiency, age, educational background and allows them to get a temporary residence permit visa on the basis of their qualification.

History of Rosemaling - Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark!!

Denmark Green Card Scheme

Planning to Migrate to Denmark ? Then apply for Danish Green Card. Denmark is a hot immigration destination and grad to its sound economy as well as quality life style. This EU nation so much to offer to the immigrants and thus, it encourages overseas nationals to migrate and work in Denmark.

Denmark is a sophisticated country in Europe with up-to-date technology and latest innovations. It is a perfect destination for overseas individuals who wish to migrate to Denmark.

Immigration to Denmark is simple especially for the skilled workers as the country needs skilled workers in many sectors. Denmark green card scheme is point based system and it is totally based on the score by the skilled workers and granted permit to work and live in the country.

The internationals require work and residence permit before applicant begin to work in Denmark. However internationals must perform work related activities when they are in Denmark on visa without holding Denmark work permit and residence visa.

Denmark repealed Green Card? What’s next?

he Denmark Green Card is to allow the highly qualified professionals to work and live in the Denmark. The age, work experience, education and language skills significant role in the application process of the Denmark Green Card. If the candidate secures 100 points in the point-based test, he will be granted 18-month residence permit.

Interested to immigrate to Denmark under Denmark Green Card scheme? Read on this article to find the requirements of the Denmark Green Card.