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Tummy translator - Domino's: Verder werkt de app simpel. Heb je honger? Zet de app op je buik en neem de hongerige geluiden op. De app vertaalt vervolgens het geluid naar een bepaald soort pizza, waarna je een bon ontvangt om de pizza ook direct te bestellen. Natuurlijk is het advertising met een flinke knipoog, maar wel goed dat een merk zich zo durft te uitten.

These models are not real. They are a combination of all the ethnicities that live in today’s cities, from Milan to New York, London to Tokyo, Berlin to Pari...

Google and the accidental mystery of Webdriver Torso

A series of videos have been driving the internet crazy. There are over of them, and all they show are a series of blue and red rectangles mo...

Samsung's Latest TV Is Also An Unexpected Design Masterpiece

4 | Samsung's Latest TV Is Also An Unexpected Design Masterpiece | Co.Design | business + design

Ad No. 21 - How Fast Is It Really? Today's ad is presented by Google Chrome to demonstrate the speed at which the browser is able to load a website. Several experiments are set up and through real-time comparison and slow-motion playback in each scenario, we get a glimpse of how short Chrome's web page rendering times are. Hence, the visual contrast helps the viewer to appreciate the speed of Chrome more meaningfully, effectively delivering the message of the ad.