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Spica - K Pop. Now I doubt these young ladies will ever be 'Lonely'. Get the Star Fleet badges on and these would be a wonderful addition to The Enterprise's bridge. Beam me up, I feel rather energised.

Entertainment revealed the full music video for rookie girl group SPICA's newest track "Painkiller." “ Painkiller “, the ladies of  S...

Girl group Spica went through a vintage inspired makeover in preparation for their comeback! Previously, Spica's agency, Entertainment, released a grou

The SBS hit drama 'Wind Blows In Winter' has become one the most popular dramas in Korea right now, making the drama's OST that more crucial to th…

If you were born in February, you might share your birthday with f(x)'s Victoria, Girls' Generation's Sooyoung, B.A.P.'s Jongup, or CL.  From APink'

for any member of any group no matter their popularity(individual or group members) just spread the love with a positive saying. and/or praise

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