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Kings Tunic Agbada Ileke Artist/ Origin: Yoruba Peoples Region: Nigeria: Ijebu Region, Kingdom of Owo Period: circa late 19th century- early 20th century Material: glass beads, cloth Dimensions: 35 x 48 x 6 1/2 in On view in the museum

Ifa Diviner's Necklace (Odigba Ifa) 19th - 20 th century Yoruba Nigeria

African waist beads - It's a way of life, not a fashion.

Ọmọ Esú Ọ̀dára: ASÍNDE : SOLD: Finished Crown for Yansa/Oya. Textile on pap...

Africa | Fine beaded crown, ‘ade ileke’, traditionally worn by a Yoruba king. ‘The beaded veil that covers the king’s face hides his individuality and increases attention on the crown itself, the real centre of power…’. The birds decorating the crown represent the royal bird, okin. | ca. Mid 20th century.

Angola | Three belt ornaments ~ ornakipa ~ from the Cuanhama people | Ivory | These ornaments were offered by young men to their fiancées. Symbols of wealth - their number indicating the size of the herd - they were worn by women, hanging from a leather belt. || 8,160€ for the lot ~ Sold (Sept '07)

Africa | Twin figure ~ ibeji/ewu ileke ~ wearing a fine beaded gown, from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Wood, glass beads, cotton, pigments, bead embroidery (couching), pigmentation

Details from the traditional dress of a tribal Bonda woman, Onkadelli, India