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The parched Earth waits all year for the onset of monsoon to quench its thirst and yet when it keeps raining, the wetness becomes undesirable Poet: Zyborg

A simple question painted with glorifying streaks of colorful imagination. A poem that travels and touches everything beautiful on its way. Poet: Meghdutam

A thought provoking poem about man's search for God evolving to a realization that He is always around, omnipresent, right besides you. Poet: Meghdutam

A treat of images, of thoughts, of self-realization. It's wonderful how the monumental caves of Ellora can carve such a thought provoking poem. Poet: Balaji

A wonderful rhythmic poem that describes the choices of life using the metaphor of shoe. What fits is more important than what looks good. Poet: Mahrukh Ali