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In a pre-recorded interview with Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence which aired on Sunday's Meet the Press on NBC, host Chuck Todd oddly wondered why Donald Trump's plan to restrict immigration from selected countries "compromised by terrorism" should be considered "constitutional," even though the new plan tries to alleviate previous complaints by not making religion the determining factor in restrictions.

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Rutgers Professor: Religious Right Worships a Fictional, ‘A**hole’ God of ‘White Supremacy and Patriarchy’

Democrats & RINOs enable Illegal immigration

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Feisty☀️Floridian on

Obama removes cross from Military Chapel. I didn't hear this on the news!http://www.


Lisa on

Wake up! The only people congress serves are themselves! Term limits!

'It was a bad idea'? A BAD IDEA? She BROKE THE LAW!!!! Morrell: Foreign Countries Have What Was on Hillary’s Private Email Server - Breitbart

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