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Nikola Tesla Secret is something new that promises to tell you how to make an instrument for you to collect completely free electrical power from radio waves as well as the environment. Nikola Tesla postcard (Serbia)

The next time you think "seeing is believing", keep in mind that our eyes can only perceive 1/10 billionth of the total information that rides on the electromagnetic spectrum... It is time to collectively tune the Noosphere to the resonant frequencies of the universe... ~ Nassim Haramein

Absolutely Stunning Concept Art of Paris 2084

This is some of the most mind-blowing artwork of future cityscapes we've ever beheld. French artist Paul Chadeisson created these amazing images for the video game Remember Me, previously known as Adrift. It's a polluted, dirty, neon-soaked metropolis, full of corruption, hot latex outfits and flying vehicles. And we want to go there now.