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Beauty - Nip Tuck Martin Higgs Photography 2013 MUA Shonagh Louise Retoucher Stefka Pavlova Model Zarah - Leni's Model Management

46-year-old supermodel Kristen McMenamy goes from grey to blonde in a freaky high fashion makeover featuring a threaded face and three sets of chicken fillets

Self-Taught Student Photographer Explores Simple Beauty Through Composites

I am Annija Veldre from Latvia, a 21-year-old self-taught artist. I take creative fine art photos and Photoshop manipulations to capture the essence of beauty in the connection of human, nature and animal.

Following the Cycles of the Moon

You possess all of CHRIST's Might when you put CHRIST FIRST in thought, emotion, intention, and ACTION. Elise R. Brion

Surgery-Ready Shoots

"The Masha Voronina Tush Winter spread for 2010 gives readers a slightly deeper look into the "beauty" of cosmetics surgery. Through this editorial, it is clear that going under the knife isn't all that easy. Complexities, bandages and cut-out lines upon the skin are more scary than fashionable. With her fresh, clean face there is no need for this model to get any work done, but she sure beautifies cosmetic surgery in the Masha Voronina Tush Winter spread." - Trendhunter