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El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, expresó su entusiasmo por el carácter “anticapitalista” del precandidato demócrata a la Presidencia de Estados Unidos, Bernie Sanders.

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These velvety, dahlia-like, chocolate-maroon flowers have a delicious aroma, reminiscent of the best Belgian chocolates. One of our recommended plants, they're particularly suitable for a sunny, exotic garden or a planting scheme based on 'hot' colours.

Chocolate Cosmos these are lovely and smell just like chocolate, but they only lasted one season, I thought they were a perennial! Jx

#NGC7822 is a young star forming complex in the #ConstellationCepheus. The complex encompasses the emission region designated Sharpless 171, and the young cluster of stars named Berkeley 59. The complex is believed to be some 800-1000 pc distant,[1][2] with the younger components aged no more than a few million years.[1][2] The complex also includes one of the hottest stars discovered within 1 kpc of the Sun, namely BD+66 1673, which is an eclipsing binary system...

Some of my favorite flowers: Cosmos --(Plant seeds in late Spring for summer flowers)~~flowers by Jeny's flickr page~~

Interstellar bubble #N44F | In this unusual image, Hubble Space Telescope captures a rare view of the celestial equivalent of a geode — a gas cavity carved by the stellar wind and intense ultraviolet radiation from a hot young star.

Chocolate Cosmos - Cosmos atrosanguineusAlso commonly known as Cosmos choca mocha, Cosmos atrosanguineus (Asterales - Asteraceae) is a rare, perennial, and aromatic species, native to Mexico (now extinct in the wild), which forms a medium-sized mound of dark green leaves, bearing cup-shaped blooms of deep burgundy-red, with the distinctive and rich fragrance of dark chocolate, that gives it the common name of Cosmos Chocolate. (Photo credit: ©Mandy Disher posted by Libutron)

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Cosmos - so Easy to Grow, You Can Plant and Neglect It!

ROSENSKÄRA 'Candy Stripe' i gruppen Ettåriga blomsterväxter hos Impecta Fröhandel (8309)