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ufo party <--- I can't tell if this is a screenshot from "The X-Files" or not, and I saw that episode again just last month.

Nephilim Here Again In Last Days As Bible Prophecy Says You need to watch this! It's about end times prophesy! SO COOL! @Emnems1066 @katelynnorf2

Book of Enoch – Why was this book left out of the Bible at the gathering in Nicea, 300 years after the death of Jesus?? ...too much information?

The Shining Ones ~ This amazing race created mankind and walked among humans. The Book of Enoch contains valuable information on their true identity, which is among the reasons why the book was excluded from the Bible. Shining Ones references can be found in several ancient texts worldwide. The Shining Ones were a group of highly advanced extraterrestrial scientists who seeded life on this planet. The Shining Ones may hold the key to our mysterious origins and their history should be…

"Illuminati Exposed" | Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs - 2012 (Full Documentary) - YouTube

The Hooked X - Jesus, the Templars and the Holy Grail

Is Rh Negative Blood Type Of Extraterrestrial Origin? -

Were Humans Created to Mine Gold for Aliens?


People today claim still try to claim the "Royal Bloodline of Jesus". Namely the British Royal Family. Being mainly O-, there are allegedly 13 families who make up the "illuminati"... It's mostly evil sh*t. The blood has been corrupted and it has been roughly 2,000 years. #Aquarius@RT