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Book of Enoch – Why was this book left out of the Bible at the gathering in Nicea, 300 years after the death of Jesus?? ...too much information?

Rhesus negative people, when asked, often attribute certain personality traits to themselves – these include: Being very sensitive. Rh Negative women are often described as being sexually agg…

What The Hell Is Moving On Mars' Surface? 12/20/2015..Same trails as seen in Death Valley, CA. caused by ice formations under the rock allowing winds to move the rocks great distances... SEE

Who were the Tuatha de Danaan and why do they say red haired people with RH negative blood type have alien blood or are from elsewhere? Interestingly, unlike most humans on earth, Rh negative blood indicates no protein connections to the Rhesus monkey

People today claim still try to claim the "Royal Bloodline of Jesus". Namely the British Royal Family. Being mainly O-, there are allegedly 13 families who make up the "illuminati"... It's mostly evil sh*t. The blood has been corrupted and it has been roughly 2,000 years. #Aquarius@RT