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15 Gardening Products (and Projects!) That Will Get You Through Winter - Bees and Roses
It's August but there's still plenty you can plant! Here's 11 vegetables and herbs you can start in your garden right now for a full fall harvest!
Follow all these tips to make growing healthy and fruitful tomato plants  easy.    1. Plant your tomato plant in a place with 10 hours of direct sunlight.  2. Have enough space between plants for air flow.  3. Soak the base of your tomato plants once a week or more during those hot  summer days.  4. Pinch and remove suckers that develop in the crotch joint of two  branches.  5. Use a tomato cage to support your plants.  6. When your tomato plant reaches 3 ft. tall, remove the leaves from the…
In recent years world sees growing consumers interest in more private ecologically clean farm products, and so the ever popular demand for private small farms products is as high as ever. Texas farmers markets are now in a developing stage. Over the past 10 years, the variety and quantity of production in Texas has increased several times. The first place takes the cultivation of fruits and berries, especially strawberries. The... FULL ARTICLE…
A Guide To Prune Lavender To Make It More Bushy - I really love lavender so I’m always looking for a way to make it more bushy. Today I found this simple video which demonstrates how to prune a lavender plant to promote more flowers.
As you plant, put Epsom salts and sugar into each hole.