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Explore Ísland Iceland, Bee and more!

11 Fairy Tale Travel Destinations You HAVE To See! It's like reading out of a story book they are so perfect!

Roaming the moors Searching for a lost human? companion within the endless stretch of rocks Time stands still Every breath is a lifetime

Picasso bug, Sphaerocoris annulus, from Mlawula Nature Reserve, Swaziland.

Hiking the Laugavegur in Iceland - a must-do for every hiker!

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25 Most Amazing and Unusual Animals on Earth

Giant Weta Native to New Zealand, the Giant weta, genus Deinacrida, family Anostostomatidae, can grow over 4 inches in length. It is documented that one captive female grew to a mass of 70 g (2.5 oz) making it one of the heaviest insects inthe world. It's genus name is Greek for Terrible Grasshopper.

MUST see photography! Amazing shots! I wish i was in Iceland! gigja einarsdottir, icelandic horses, iceland, @Portfoliobox