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Star Trek Beyond | Kirk, Chekov, Scotty & Jaylah

"The Skywalkers are too dramatic for this Jedi stuff" Have you ever seen Obi-Wan "Sixth Robes Since The War" Kenobi?

American Heritage Girls Oath ASL Sign Language - Sign Language Badge "I promise to love God, cherish my family, honor my country, and serve in my community."

I was in charge of the activity this week for Young Women.  We were welcoming two new girls into the group so I wanted to plan some kind of...

K: What is the one thing I asked you not to do today? S: Challenge someone to a duel. K: And what did you do? S: Challenge someone to a duel.

Alaska The Last Frontier - Findlay and his new baby sister, Sparrow Rose Kilcher.

Sabine and her love of pinks and purples. More

Kouji and Kouichi ♥ love this picture of the twins~