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Custom Ear Plugs Polymer Clay Ear Gauges Glow by FateAndNecessity

A Pair of Mystic Moon Face Organic Ear Gauge Plug

Howlite Stone Plugs 7/16"-1/2". $25.00, via Etsy.

from Etsy

Dangle Plugs / Organic Gauge Earrings / Feather Plugs / Natural Plugs Tunnels / Wood Stone Plugs / 2g 0g 00g 1/2 5/8 9/16 3/4 1 Inch Plugs

Feather Plugs 00g (10mm) - Custom Plugs or Tunnels with Wire Wrapped Feathers - Tribal Gauged Dangle Earring Jewelry - MADE TO ORDER

from Etsy

If you can read these / you're too close Stud Earrings - Soft Grunge Pastel Goth Insult Sarcastic Jewelry

If you can read these / you're too close Stud by SnarkFactory, $10.00

from Hallow's Eve Boutique

Michael Myers / Halloween Plugs

All 9 Pairs Silicone Flared Lip Ear Gauge Tunnels 18 Ear Plugs Total (5mm-4 gauge) soscene

Organic Tribal Floral Wood Ear Spiral Hook Plugs Gauges.

from Etsy

4g 5mm Locket Dangle Girly Steel Plugs - Stretched Ears Body Modification Victorian Gothic Lolita

4g 5mm Locket Dangle Girly Plugs Stretched Ears by Glamsquared, $25.00

from Etsy

Custom Ear Plugs, Native Spirit Ear Gauges, Copper and Turquoise Tribal Ear Plugs, Unique Ear Gauges, 8 G (3.2 mm) - 1 inch (25 mm)

Custom Ear Plugs Native Spirit Ear Gauges by FateAndNecessity