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50 Homesteading Skills You Can Learn Right Now

Here are 50 skills every homesteader needs. Great ideas for a self sufficient, urban & frugal life. Get your homesteading dream in motion! It’s homesteading for beginners with little money, right where you are. And you can get started right now!

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¿Cuando coses tu pedal siempre se mueve y te es difícil de encontrar?, aquí te dejamos este tip que seguro te ayudará a resolver este problemita.


DIY Lip Balm Recipe

A super easy lip balm recipe you will love. This DIY lip balm is healing, homemade & the best. You will love the simplicity of the recipe and the soothing feel on your lips. Add in some essential oils for even more fun. :-)

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The Most Racially Intolerant Place In The Country Is Not Where You Think It Is

all congressional legislators who receive corporate campaign contributions from for-profit prison lobbyists at the sacrifice of funding public schools need to be impeached at the least and imprisoned at the most