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Dew or dewdrop on grass with refracted oak tree - Macro Photography By Glenn McCrea

Photo / Southern Vine Snake - Thelotornis capensis -

A morning stroll into the blissful forest ! Ceaseless drizzles dampening the woods for 12 hours a day; The serene gloom which kept me guessing if it was a night or a day. Heavy fog, chilling breeze and the perennial silence could calm roaring sprits; And there I spotted this 20cm beauty the Green vine snake ! I wondered if i needed more reasons to capture this with the habitat; For I was blessed to see this at the place I was at. I immediately switched from the macro to the wide angle lens.

Vine/Whip Snake #animal #macro1 #abstract #d7000 #macro #greatnature #snake This Green Vine/Whip Snake was moving along the house fence and stopped for me to take this shot. -- Your Shot. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.