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Chevron Themed ABC Posters These posters are great for identifying both Capital & Lower Case Letters. It's written with lines to show your kiddos how the letters should be formed. The pictures are great for learning beginning sounds. You can post them for examples or use them as flash cards for beginners. Follow me on TPT for more exciting activities and FREEBIES!! All new products are 50% off for the first 24 hours. Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rockininsecond

This class poster is a free item intended to enhance your own Monthly Writing Prompt for Class Share Time Program Set your students up for Sharing Page success with this handy class poster. Post it in your classroom and get your students' bodies and minds set for successful public speaking in the classroom!

We all love post-it notes, don't we?! Did you know that there are tons of activities you can do with them in your classroom? Well, check out 7 such activities below: we have created this HI-

Elissa posted her weekly warm-up schedule, and it inspired me to think about how I want to structure my warm-ups this year. Last year, my warm-ups looked like this: Monday - Good Things - Each studen

Smithsonian Institution vintage view My Grandfathers family line donated the money to the United states to build a Learning institute.

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