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If you shoot, these are burned into your brain... But I'm sharing this just to share that spelling out these rules has been very helpful in turning people around who still have the bizarre notion that a gun will hop out of your holster and start shooting of its own accord. Basically you are waking people up to how the millions of responsible gun owners actually work with their weapons.

nice gun ring -(comes with tiny bullets). If anyone can find out where to buy this from that would be GREAT!!

The first murder was committed with a rock. Shall we ban all rocks? After all, there are a lot more rocks in the world than guns. Let's deal with the real problem: evil in the hearts of small minded people!

Type: Double Action (75B) or Double Action Only (75DAO) Chamber: 9×19 Luger/Para, 9x21mm IMI, .40SW Weight with empty magazine: 1000 g Length: 206 mm Barrel length: 120 mm Capacity: 16 (9mm) or 12 (.40SW) rounds