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#QuoteoftheDay 'Without inner knowledge, no religion is a good religion.' - HH #YounusAlGohar

'When you follow the Religion of God, you begin to live like God.' - Younus AlGohar (The Religion of God:

‘Enlighten your heart and the hidden light of God will manifest on you to witness the secrets of the truth.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi (The Religion of God (Divine Love))

'Religion is like a doctor and spirituality is like medicine. No doctor can help anybody with a disease if we do not have medicine. Similarly, religions have lost their credibility because the spiritual medicine dispensed by religions is lost.' - Younus AlGohar

‘If you practise a religion and you do not know how to obtain God’s love, then the practice of that religion is futile.’ - Younus AlGohar

Today's quote is from The Religion of God (Divine Love) by His Divine Eminence RA Gohar Shahi ( 'When the heart has become enlightened and shining, one day it will come under the Merciful Sight of God.'