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Physically Weird Things People Do | These People Are Really Strange (64 pics) -

Community Post: Why Would You Do This To Your Face?

Why would you do this to your face!!!???!!! He thinks he looks badass but really you just made your face look like a fence......nice one bro.

Eyelid tattoos are a thing, although we dont really understand how the needle doesnt poke through into a persons eyes. Believe it or not, this man has his eyes closed. We wonder what it looks like when he blinks . . . sleeping next to this dude must be the creepiest experience imaginable.

SLIDESHOW: And You Thought Your Navel Piercing Hurt

Some girl had a platinum heart implanted in her eye. Apparently, this is popular in the Netherlands. But that looks like it freaking hurts!

I found this and was disappointed that the person who posted it wrote one word under it..."weird". There is beauty in people & cultures That might be different then your own! So I post positive...amazing, stunning, this is a person I would like to meet.

this person is by no means a minimalist..the cigar adds a jaunty extra .. don't you agree ?