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Now this is a real tall Friesian!

Thank you for recommending "". Your recommendation has been successfully processed. Even if your horse never steps hoof in a show ring, there are some competition-related skills he should master. The job description of a competition horse can be very different than that of a pleasure mount, but there are some skills that serve all horses well both inside and outside of the show ring. Whether or not you plan to compete this year, spend some time working on the following life skills ...

Riding Over Raised Poles: A simple exercise will help develop your horse’s strength and improve his stride.

Written by Bryan Neubert This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.31 If you’re spending much time trying to affect the behavior of horses, you are going to run into problems occasionally that seem difficult to solve. But when you do find the answer, it can change the way you do things from then …

"Riders should ask the horse to do things in harmony, and in the horse's time, because it is his body being borrowed for the athletic efforts. The mind of the rider can wait, and hold in check impatience and impertinence. The horse is a calender; ask and wait. The horse will deliver when he is ready." ~ Charles de Kunffy

Your horse's best chance of overcoming this hoof disease might lie in your ability to catch it early.

Secure your saddle's points of attachment in the proper order to keep it in place.

Dealing With a Down Horse - | A horse that is unable to stand faces serious problems. Learn how to right a recumbent horse and what factors influence his survival. #TheHorse #horses #horsehealth