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21 Simple Ideas For Adorable DIY Terrariums

okay but these are so cute

(Cat safe) house plants for cleaner air - spider plant, Areca Palm, Boston fern, bamboo palm, rubber plant, bromeliads


25 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Plants

Mon Travaille: Botanist: Je pense que ce serait cool de trouver comment les plantes travaillent et de les planter.

Best kid and pet friendly houseplants for filtering indoor air How to Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally


6 Small-Scale Decorating Ideas for Empty Corner Spaces

this plant and pot for living room. Since I killed our last palm

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17 Best Plants to Grow Indoors without Sunlight

When you are looking for such plants choose that are known for their ability to grow in indirect sunlight. They are ideal shade-loving plants, naturally growing in indirect sun. These plants adapts well to the smaller amount of light and thrives normally. To make your searching easier we've listed 17 best plants to grow indoors.

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House Plant Heaven


22 Hard to Kill House Plants
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22 Hard To Kill Houseplants

22 Hard to Kill House Plants

This Graphic Shows the Best Air-Cleaning Plants, According to NASA
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This Graphic Shows the Best Air-Cleaning Plants, According to NASA

Houseplants are awesome indoor air cleaners, but some of them are more effective than others at filtering out pollutants and toxic chemicals in the air. This infographic highlights the best air-filtering plants, according to a NASA study. - Gardening Prof