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The Kermode Bear also known as the "spirit bear" ~ is a subspecies of the Black Bear living in the Central and North Coast of British Columbia, Canada

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Hand drawn Kodiak Bear + Triangular Bear(horizontal)

[FACTOID: This was thought to be a rare Kermode Bear, also known as a Spirit Bear. However it is a grizzly bear. Their fur is grizzled, that is, lighter at the ends than at the roots. Yeah, Grizzly all day. Rounded ears, dish shaped face, shoulder hump. They can certainly be hard to distinguish sometimes]. }}PARTICULARLY BEAUTIFUL TYPE BEAR.

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A ridiculously large collection of animals and their babies [75 pictures]

Black Bear with her Spirit Bear Cub, Marintoba. -------------------------------------- Seen in the wild

Brown bears are so powerful and beautiful. I thought it was a black bear, search said brawn, not brown. Correction again, BROWN BEAR someone did a typing error...

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~~Black bear spring Cub looking at mother Black Bear by Cheryl Ertelt~~

Albino Black Bear...this is not an albino black bear, this is a spirit bear a rarity in the northwest

Spirit bear of British Columbia // Charlie-Russell-057 Spirit Bear - Kermode

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35 Animals Who Just Want To Dance

"Howdy Frank! Long time no see!" "Hey, Henry! Good to see ya!" More