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MAR DE LIXO - O surfista indonésio Dede Surinaya apanha uma onda carregada de lixo na baía de Java, a ilha mais povoada do mundo. “Água e ar, os dois fluidos fundamentais de que depende toda a vida, tornaram-se caixotes de lixo globais.” (Jacques-Yves Cousteau, oceanógrafo francês)

Marine pollution, think about it...

from The Huffington Post

How We Can Drastically Reduce Marine Pollution in Our Oceans

The ocean is filling up with plastic, 8 million metric tons per year. As Maggie recently wrote about, there's a lot of plastic crap in Earth's oceans; The latest estimate was that there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our seas, weighing over 250,000 tons. That’s about 700 pieces of plastic for every human on earth.

One of a series of weavings by Australian artist Aly de Groot using marine debris that would otherwise be polluting the seas and endangering marine life.

Great White Shark - Currently endangered because people hunt this shark but it's also endangered due to marine pollution and decreasing food sources.

Marine Mammal Center - fish sculpture made from items that were washed ashore.

Crimes Against Marine Life Exhibit - humpback whale entangled in a gill net

˚Yellow Tube Sponge (Aplysina fistularis)

Cool pastels. My line Gets inspiration from natural themes. Pantone books have every shade of every color. The designers look through Pantone books for color choices.

Blue Discosoma (mushroom coral)