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Surfing paradise has a serious trash problem. Zak Noyle's remarkable photos illustrate how disgusting it can be in some parts of Indonesia; 'I kept thinking I would see a dead body of some sort'. This is disgusting, come guys lets keep New Zealand clean!

How We Can Drastically Reduce Marine Pollution in Our Oceans

According to research released last month in the journal Science, 8 MILLION TONS of plastic waste makes its way into our oceans every year (based on 2010 numbers). That’s the equivalent of five plastic grocery bags for every foot of coastline on Earth.

One of a series of weavings by Australian artist Aly de Groot using marine debris that would otherwise be polluting the seas and endangering marine life.

Great White Shark - Currently endangered because people hunt this shark but it's also endangered due to marine pollution and decreasing food sources.

Cool pastels. My line Gets inspiration from natural themes. Pantone books have every shade of every color. The designers look through Pantone books for color choices.