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Colossal statue of Ramses II as a child protected by Horus as a falcon carved in grey granite, tanis, Egypt 19th Dynasty, reign of Ramesses II (1290-1224 BC) (in the Cairo Antiquity Museum)

ancient egyptian female costume many different pictures. Excellent Egyptian Dreams - Ancient Egyptian Discussion Board

The detail in this piece is amazing. The skill required to created the delicate folds of clothing and beads on the collars is incredible. The colours are bright and almost bring the image to life and the image as a whole is a testament to the beauty, skill and power of Egyptian art. It was made to last for eternity and it has.

Ankh: The ankh-shaped, gold-sheathed mirror case was taken from the tomb of Tutankhamun in southern Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. The Ankh form, found in many ancient Egyptian tombs, is the Egyptian hieroglyphic character meaning “life.”

Detalle de la escultura de Nofret, tomado de Tesoros egipcios de la colección del Museo Egipcio de El Cairo,

Kendake was the title for queens and queen mothers of the ancient African Kingdom of Kush, also known as Nubia and Ethiopia.They were known as Nubian warrior queens, queen regents, and Ruling queen mothers. They controlled what is now Ethiopia, Sudan, and parts of Egypt. Reliefs dated to about 170 B.C. reveal kendake Shanakdakheto, dressed in armor and wielding a spear in battle. She did not rule as queen regent or queen mother but as a fully independent ruler. Her husband was her consort.