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Her name is Naomi, I love her, I will marry her and call her mine and she shall be mine because she's Naomi and I love her....ya that pretty much sums it up

I really like this quote, I feel like all girls can relate to this because sometimes we try so hard to look a certain way to please others & we become so focused on that , and forget how beautiful we really are. We forget about the things that make us beautifully unique. So when you focuse on things that make you beautifully unique you gain this confidence about yourself. And when others say something about your flaws, or looks it doesn't bother you.

"She also carried an overload of compassion that was real enough ..." -Charles Bukowski

"Love is not something that you fall in love with. Love is an internal spiritual condition that permeates our whole being." Khalil Gibran

The Artful Gardener (Tree-house, v: The Light Shines Through)

Yes. This. No one looks at you in as much detail as you do and it is HARMFUL. Cut your mirror time! It's ruining your self image!

Gown, British, c. 1740s, Costume Collection, Leeds Museum

from theCHIVE

You can find beauty in the strangest places (40 Photos & Video)

How many times have you trusted a gut feeling, but it turned out to be wrong? Listening to our intuition doesn’t mean we have to rush to act. If something feels right or wrong, try to find out why – and you’ll strengthen your sixth sense in the pr

from World Ethnic & Cultural Beauties


You could see the light in her eyes. The laughter erupted from her lips. You could literally see the life bubbling out of her... Into something else. Someone else. A monster. Just like me.