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Tabi Boots Not Included Ninja foot spikes are used as a weapon and to climb trees and walls. These ninja foot spikes are made of black steel and come with a laced closure to secure to the shoe or tabi boot. Sold as a pair.

Aquamate Solar Still... Well, what it does is converts salt water to fresh water. No power needed, just fill it up, throw it overboard and you are a champ in no time. Fresh water for margaritas. But way, that means we need power to.... Hmmm... Now to make ice cubes...#Camping #Outdoors #Water

Homemade jelly beans (150). Fun even for the candy making novice. - 1 cup water, divided; 2 cups sugar, divided; 1/4 ounce gelatin; 1/2 cup no pulp juice or your favorite cocktail (Think fun things like a margarita mix!); 1/4 teaspoon salt; 2 tablespoons cornstarch; Food coloring. Also: 6 jelly bean molds (Try Amazon.); Candy thermometer; Non-stick Cooking spray; Requires a lot of drying time and setting time.

Omg! So true! I laughed so hard. If you do it right the first time then you wouldn't have to repeat it. So take the time to do it right the first time.