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ΥΓΕΙΑΣ ΔΡΟΜΟΙ: Ο ρόλος της αναπνοής στη θεραπεία των ψυχολογικών/...

FACT: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) impairs body's CD4 immune cells, which helps fight diseases. An individual can have HIV for years or decades.

from Mail Online

Hope for paralysed patients as stem cell jab restores feeling to patients with broken spines

Early tests suggest stem cells could restore feeling to people with damaged spinal cords

Neck and back pain is one of those pains which really bug you. They usually don't go away and can be really bad. I'm someone who gets back pain every now and then. When it does happen, I can barely move. Perhaps I'll have to go to a doctor and see about getting it looked at. Maybe they will be able to tell me what is wrong and how I can fix it.

ΥΓΕΙΑΣ ΔΡΟΜΟΙ: Ακράτεια: Δείτε τις ένοχες αιτίες

ΥΓΕΙΑΣ ΔΡΟΜΟΙ: Και οι άνδρες κινδυνεύουν από οστεοπόρωση

ΥΓΕΙΑΣ ΔΡΟΜΟΙ: Κατανοώντας την κατάθλιψη: Μύθοι και αλήθειες