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Then there's off the battlefield. One waking the other up when they're having a nightmare about losing them, holding each other when the stress from killing people gets too much. The nasty affects of battle are what can bring them so much closer

This is so me !!!! #percabeth #percyjackson #fandom

Hehehe this :) my friend said to me the other day that she didn't like the hunger games and I said. "the odds are not in your favor."

So sorry for the swear, but this made me laugh so hard and I miust pin XD

Meme Maker - Did you just say Percabeth?? Hello New Best Friend

Percabeth Headcanons | ... Percabeth a picture of Future Percabeth.... ••••#percabeth #

I don't whether to be worried or not that this is so me like alllllllll the time!

❤ | percy Jackson | annabeth chase | percabeth so so so so so so so so so soooooooooo adorable i think i dyed a little bit

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Why Percabeth is THE ship

winter percabeth <3