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Phot: Lt Col R. S. Kennedy? Willoughby Patrick Rosemeyer?, Coll: Sir Charles Bell, Date: 1920-1921 or 1922, Region: Lhasa, Mrs Taring (left) and Mrs Pemba (right) in Fort at Gyantse. Mrs Taring wears elaborately decorated headdress typical of Gyantse region, while Mrs Pemba wears that typical of Lhasa region. Both wear jewellery such as gau amulet boxes around their necks and other items. Photograph demonstrates very well regional differences in aristocratic women’s dress in Central Tibet.

Phot: Rabden Lepcha, Coll: Sir Charles Bell, Date: End March or early April 1921, Region Lhasa. Golok region of Tibet at extreme east of Lhasa adjoining Amnye Machen mountain range. couple pictured may well have visited Lhasa to trade, but the fact that they wear their best long-sleeved ‘Chuba’ (gown) and travelling shrine ‘gau’ (amulet boxes) also indicate that their journey was a pilgrimage. On the woman’s back are large engraved discs of silver, turquoises and corals running down her…

Photographer: Sir Charles Bell or Rabden Lepcha?, Collection: Sir Charles Bell, Date of Photo: May – September 1921, Region: Lhasa. Three seated women wearing head dresses and charm boxes as part of their costume; seated in one of the parks in Lhasa during a picnic.

Photographer: Rabden Lepcha?, Collection: Sir Charles Bell, Date of Photo: 1920-1921, Region: LhasaThis is a portrait of an aristocratic woman of Lhasa wearing typical Central Tibetan coral and pearl headdress, turquoise ear-rings, a ‘gau’ (amulet box) at her neck, and the married woman’s striped apron. The pose and setting, with the European furniture and textiles of a wealthy Lhasa family.

Collection: Sir Charles Bell, Date of Photo: 1920-1921, Region: Lhasa, Aristocratic wife of Lhasa official in gala attire. The typical Central Tibetan head-dress is mainly of pearls with a few large corals; the earrings of turquoises. The charm-box “ga’u” (amulet box) on the chest is of gold, set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and turquoises’.

Photographer: Unknown, Collection: Sir Charles Bell, Date of Photo: 1904-1922 Region: Lhasa,. Two women in heavily ornamented dress. Behind are more women, less ornately dressed, and a man in fringed headgear. In the background a carved and painted wall or panel.

Photographer: Frederick Spencer Chapman, Date of Photo: February 14th 1937, Named Person: Pema Dolkar Tsarong, Region: Lhasa, Tsarong House Tsarong’s wife, Pema Dolkar, during the New Year celebrations at Tsarong’s house. Wearing ceremonial Lhasa noble dress seated at a table with offering bowls in front of her.

Photographer: Rabden Lepcha?, Collection: Sir Charles Bell, Date of Photo: 1920-1921. The Prime Minister Lonchen Shokhang’s daughter on the right, with Captain Tsoko’s wife on the left. The two women are standing in a lavishly furnished room with carved wall panels. The women are wearing all the accoutrements of high status, such as amulets, beads and other jewellery, rich textiles, and elaborate Lhasa-style head dresses.

LHASA, CHINA - APRIL 5: (CHINA OUT) A Tibetan woman twists wool in front of her house while her grandsons herd sheep on April 5, 2005 in Lhasa of Tibet, China. Most of the Tibet nomads keep the custom of weaving and wearing handmade clothes. The Tibetan Sheep Wool is an ideal warm-keeping material in the plateau area. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)