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Back to back - Hawkeye and Black Widow by on @deviantART

Avatar The Legend of Korra Korra Cosplay Costume - Custom made in any size

Great Hatsune Miku and genderbend Hatsune Miku (I am almost 100% sure I spelled that wrong) I wish I could do this!

Genderbent Link Cosplay

Winter Soldier #SDCC 2014-does anyone else notice that amazing arm?

Yukio y Rin Okumura - Ao no Exorcist OMG! DIBS ON THAT RIN! I want to cosplay Rin but dang sonn!!!!!

Hawkeye cosplay "you've made your last mistake...ground..."

"It's only fun if you get a scar out of it."....Hey it's Astrid Hofferson. Best warrior in Berk. Stormfly and I have been kind of busy, working on new skills and improving her speed. I found out that she loves chicken! Who knew? A lot of people say I have anger issues but it's not violence it's communication. I'm not good at this introducing stuff, so yeah, bye.