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El duque y la duquesa de Cambridge asistieron a la recepción para los líderes políticos y cívicos en Columbia Británica Kate llevaba vestido de £ 1.000 Thornton Bregazzi en rojo, con un broche de hoja de arce, un homenaje a la bandera canadiense Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Crystals for Heartache (Broken Heart) — Work on healing a broken heart with Chrysoprase, Chrysocolla, Rhodonite, or Rose Quartz. Carry or hold as needed. Also meditate with your preferred crystal. Release the past and look towards the future. You are worthy and will have the love that you deserve! — Related Chakra: Heart

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Skillet, sterling silver owl pendant


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Nicobar Pigeon

The Pink-headed Fruit Dove is a resident breeding endemic bird in Indonesia where it occurs in the mountain forests of Sumatra, Java and Bali at altitudes of 1000–2200 m. It builds a flimsy nest in a tree and lays one or sometimes two white eggs which are incubated for 20 days to hatching, with a further 15–16 days to fledging. It is a shy and inconspicuous species, generally seen singly or in pairs. This dove feeds on figs, small fruit and berries.


Ivory-billed Woodpecker - Elusive, Extinct or Endangered Bird

Elusive, Endangered or Extinct Ivory Billed Woodpeckers? The verdict is still out on that one... I hope they are still around and actually in the swamps of Arkansas!

Crystals for Motivation — Boost your motivation with Citrine, Carnelian, Ruby, or Red Tiger’s Eye. Carry with you as needed. — Related Chakra: Solar Plexus — Affirmation: “I feel alive, energized, and motivated to take on any task in front of me."

Brilliantly colored Tragopan is one of the most beautiful birds among the Pheasants, found in the Himalayan region of India!