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maryworker | Maryworks Relações - pássaros # birds Mais

Bee eaters | ©Reencarnacion Cristalero

saíra de sete cores_tangara seledon Brazilian Birds

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20 Pássaros de Espetaculares Cores!

The astrapias are a genus, Astrapia, of birds-of-paradise. The genus contains five species. They are endemic to New Guinea. The males have highly iridescent plumage and remarkably long tails. Females are duller and have shorter tails.

Bem-Te-Vi, outro brasileirinho que canta no meu jardim todos os dias........

Picture of a tufted titmouse. So a titmouse is a bird! That's funny!

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Colorful Birds In Love

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Foto gaturamo-bandeira (Chlorophonia cyanea) por Roberto Gallacci | Wiki Aves - A Enciclopédia das Aves do Brasil