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Volunteer fire-fighters watching an air duel over Warsaw. Propaganda poster reads "To Arms United we will defeat the enemy".

An American soldier with war orphans ‘adopted’ by his unit, London, 1943.

World War II: Italian anti-American Propaganda Poster #propaganda #worldwar2

Warsaw 1944 a sdkfz 251 Wurfrahmen in action.

English: Photo of the first air raid ever: a German Zeppelin bombarded the city…

Come On Canada! #vintage #WW2 #1940s #posters

'Everything for the Victory!' Soviet Propaganda Poster WW2

A Group of Women Prepare to Take Over Maintenance Responsibilities for Aircraft…

A German soldier ready to throw a "potato masher" grenade ("Stielhandgranate-24") somewhere on the Eastern Front. The grenade was a weapon the German army had integrated closely with small unit fighting on the very front line.