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Tout sur la généalogie: Généalogie de la famille VINCENT MERLIN du Dauphin...

Looking for genealogy research options that are truly free and don't require a paid subscription? There are many. This collection of resources will help.


Using Free Genealogy Sites

  One of the most promising applications of DNA testing is its potential to provide information to a population with limited access to genealogical records: adoptees.  While adoptees can obtain certain records, the venture...

Use these 7 type of resources to pursue your ancestor's marriage information. As with much of our genealogy research, the answer is not always specific, but must be derived from more than one source. Don't hesitate to peruse a variety of records in search of clues to your ancestor's marriage. Sometimes answers will be found in the most unexpected places.

Your RIGHT to believe, yes, always. The belief itself, no. ~And I mean, if they're walking around masking their identities, either they know their beliefs and practices go against morality and social acceptability, or they really don't believe in them. And if it's the latter, then why should I respect it?~

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Common Wrongdoings to Avoid

Common Wrongdoings to Avoid| Anyone can overlook certain items in their family history research which could be classified as ‘mistakes’. If you are aware of such particulars it is easier to avoid them or correct them. #genealog #familytree #familyhistory #mistakes #tips #research #ancestors

Don't judge your ancestors by 21st-century standards. #genealogy #familyhistory #ancestry #familytree #generations #history #ushistory #americanhistory #worldhistory #heritage #roots

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A few musts in any family research