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reddenim: 30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who :: Day Nineteen :: Which Doctor Who character is most like you? Martha Jones In a way, I guess this answer is both who I am most like and who I wish to be like. Because out of all the companions, I’m most similar to Martha Jones, but I am nowhere near how amazing she was. I’m rather smart (or would like to think so), independent, and very rational. Most of the companions, they are heart-first; Martha Jones is brain-first. She analyzes everything…

"That Martha must’ve done you good." I hate how Martha gets the least credit of all the companions. She walked the entirety of the world alone for a year with almost no help and saved the world. She is the only companion who left on her own and she calls the doctor whenever she needs him, she is bad ass.

I got Martha Jones. She is my least favorite of all the companions! I would NEVER choose to leave the doctor EVER! However this does accurately describe me.

Martha Jones is the most under-appreciated character in all of Doctor Who. She was the most resourceful of all the companions I have ever seen and met the Doctor step for step. Her only flaw - she loved the Doctor too much.

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