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Kissing penguins tattoo, just got it and I LOVE it! | Tattoos and ...

It didn't matter what people thought about her. Her focus was never on small talk. She had better things to do with her life, like become a better woman. She didn't care what people said behind her back because most of them never had the guts to say it to her face anyway. She didn't care if people believed in her, or if they were going to pick up and leave. What she offered was more than good enough and anyone who wanted to walk away from that... Well, that was on them.

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I look forward to the day when this is said to me and they truly, actually mean it, with their heart and soul. I will feel it and know it to be true, I will know this is not just something they trot out, for whatever reason. I will know, and they will know that we are meant to and want to be together.

I got my Tattoo done today! :D It's the "Bold Hunters Mark" from Bloodborne! I love it!!

Scorpio women are complicated. And love it.

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