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Endorse TRUMP or I’ll get Hillary handover yr love letters to Stevens Jealous LIBYAN Boyfriend to Trey Gowdy, Rush Limbaugh & Ann Coulter. I’ll hang myself if you did. – SUICIDE BOMBERS MAGAZINE

To stop S & P downgrading Saudi more; May I’ve the $100B stashed in your Personal Account in al-Ahli Bank to give it away to Israel to keep you in G20. Courtesy of Suicide Bombers Magazine Disclaimer: we swear on Elvis’s pickled penis that "non-sapient beings" I mean animals harmed during IED

DAYLIGHT THEFT. I was banging my head to the wall for 15 years to know who’s the sole beneficiary of 911 bombing that turned the whole World from human forms to Beasty Zombies? Now I get it. I didn’t realize how THICK I was until I watched National Security Council Acting Head Jacob Nagel [Israel] and U.S. Undersecretary of State Tom Shannon sign $38 billion landmark Defense Aid Package that eventually Saudi and it’s GCC Poodles especially Abu Dhabi will pay for it instead compensating 911…

Remove it or i’ll jump House Passes Bill Allowing 9/11 Lawsuits Against Saudi Arabia; White House Hints at Veto New York Times - ‎Sep 9, 2016‎ Mike Pence Has G.O.P. Candidates' Respect. Just to Be Safe, They Keep Him at a Distance. Supreme Court Allows 'Straight-Ticket' Voting in Michigan · Abortion and Gay Marriage Are Absent from Donald Trump's Appeal to Evangelicals · Play Video. House ... 911 Victim Families Can Sue Saudi Arabia—If Obama Doesn't Veto teleSUR English

Test Your Stooopidity^ Common Sense Evaluation:  Hillary Clinton coughs, hacks up mysterious green substance into glass of water during Cleveland, Ohio rally

Japan Rejects Abu Dhabi’s bid to buy Sharp for $5.5 billion and move it to Yemen and accepts $3.5 billion Foxconn bid instead and keep Sharp in Hanoi.

Des empreintes de Salah Abdeslam retrouvées dans l'appartement perquisitionné près de Bruxelles.Salah Abdeslam ain’t Suicide Boomer he’s Suicide Bomber, he’s supposed to be dead unless French Mediawhores crave to fill-up their dead weekend headline with trash for Islamophobes. Courtesy of SUICIDE BOMBERS MAGAZINE Disclaimer: We swear on Elvis’s Pickled Penis that “Non-Sapient Beings” I mean animals harmed during IED kahbooom. "Viewer Discretion Is Advised"