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I twirled my fingers and the paper cranes raised of the ground then I reached my hand to the sky and stared to swing my arms around. The cranes flew around my room like world war two fighter planes in a dog fight. -Emma Kenny

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Few seconds before happiness

🌼💙🌼💙🌼💙🌼💙🌼💙🌼💙 I have another blog please check it out! I love being a beautiful curvy woman. I love being his beautiful curvy woman, I love being his baby girl and I just love being his.

Maybe something that Sam unintentionally does which pisses Carly off: Sam sat cross legged and tried to concentrate.He felt himself lift off the ground. Come on up up upity, he thought. He heard papers blowing around "Yeah! Higher!" He whispered to himself. "SAM!" Carly yelled as she came into the room. Sam came down from who knows how high landing on his butt. "You know how much of a mess you make when you do that!!" "Ugh. Carly can't you knock? That's going to hurt forever." "Good"

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Dog Mom Mug

Designed by New York potter Lorrie Veasey, our Dog Mom Mug is a must-have for the proud doggie mama in all of us.

She stared at her arms in fear. Looking up around the room of people she found Caleb and asked, "What's happening to me?" Caleb took a step forward, his arms raised a little in precaution. "Your body is generating electric currents. Just... try to relax, and don't touch anyone."