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I twirled my fingers and the paper cranes raised of the ground then I reached my hand to the sky and stared to swing my arms around. The cranes flew around my room like world war two fighter planes in a dog fight. -Emma Kenny

Mom #selfie! Who could resist with such an adorable litter of babies?!

"I didn't realize he had been up there watching me until he was on the ground in front of me, cringing from the pain of the fall."

Maybe something that Sam unintentionally does which pisses Carly off: Sam sat cross legged and tried to concentrate.He felt himself lift off the ground. Come on up up upity, he thought. He heard papers blowing around "Yeah! Higher!" He whispered to himself. "SAM!" Carly yelled as she came into the room. Sam came down from who knows how high landing on his butt. "You know how much of a mess you make when you do that!!" "Ugh. Carly can't you knock? That's going to hurt forever." "Good"

View Large On Black. I went out and took some shots during golden hour tonight with some smoke bombs! I forgot my remote so I had to use the ten second timer which was kind of a pain but it turned out to be ok. It was fun ! :) Heres my page on Facebook!