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European Council - Council of the European Union (Europese Raad - Raad van de Europese Unie)

{ EUROPE’S ENERGY INDEPENDENCE DRIVE GOES OFF THE RAILS } #ForeignPolicy ...... ''Europe has tried to start its own shale energy revolution. But tricky geology, clumsy governments, and protesters have smothered it in the cradle.''......


Denmark, a Green Energy Leader, Slows Pace of Its Spending

Denmark, a Green Energy Leader, Slows Pace of Its Spending: it was the world's leader but in June, a center-left government was replaced by a right-wing coalition determined to tighten spending and balance the budget in a program to grow the economy. The budget cuts include a key fund that was used to seed green technology projects, a government subsidy that paid itself off many times over. This funding has proven instrumental for Danish advances, it is incomprehensible why it is being cut…

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United Nations

[ THE RACE FOR U.N. SECRETARY-GENERAL IS RIGGED ] #ForeignPolicy ..... ''Candidates are lining up to become the world's next secretary-general. But only a handful of big powers have a say in who gets the nod.''.....

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U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

{ JUSTICE DEPARTMENT RECOMMENDS CHARGES FOR PETRAEUS } #ForeignPolicy ..... "General David Petraeus could face prison time for providing his mistress with confidential information."......

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Den Haag

#ForeignPolicy ....... [ How to Destroy the International Criminal Court From Within..... Kenya's president is charged with inciting ethnic violence that killed thousands. He's about to talk his way out of it like it's a parking ticket. ] ..... – Grassroots in Russia: fighting for forests, fighting for climate. Here is just one story – about Tatiana Pavlova from Selyationo village in Moscow District. Together with other locals, she saved 73 hectares of forest from a “development” project, unafraid of arrest, fines, threats, and blackmail.

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Repubblica Italiana

{ THE ITALIAN ARMY IS GROWING POT… TO DRIVE COSTS DOWN } #ForeignPolicy ...... ''The Italian military has an unexpected solution to lowering the costs of medical Marijuana -- growing it themselves.''.....