SURPRISE 50TH - Teresa DeWitt surprised her husband Chris with a 50th birthday sailboat cruise near Williamsburg. The family had a lovely lunch at the marina and strolled the docks, where they said, "Let's go sail."

SHE GOT IT - With her husband Chris, Tamara Cisneros went sailing near Williamsburg. She ran the helm effortlessly for hours despite fluky winds that required constant attention. She wrote later, “Thank you Capt. Bill for an amazing experience. I felt a true accomplishment by sticking with it, still steering the boat even if heeling at 15 degrees.”

WHAT DAD DID IN THE WAR – Elizabeth Pack went sailing near Williamsburg with her husband Chris and got to talking about her father serving as an Air Force pilot in Vietnam. She knew what he flew (F-4s) and when (1967, ie. Tet Offensive) and was obviously proud of his service. Some grown children still don’t know. When our daughter was in sixth grade, she invited me to Show & Tell “to show us the medals you won in the Civil War.”

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TALE OF 3 BOATS - It’s not every day that you see a house ladder standing on the water (far left). Crew members of a tugboat tending a fuel barge spent an afternoon jumping from two stories up into the York River. Behind the barge, a 40-foot sailboat looks diminutive by comparison.

BOATING WITH DAD – While sailing the York River with her husband, Carolyn Wrench recalled her dad’s restoration of a classic motorboat. “He didn’t get to run it, but he ran the outboard in a 55-gallon drum filled with water. My brother drove up with a trailer and we came in from Minnesota. We trailered that boat to Smith Mountain Lake and finally he got to go out in it for the first time. It was a glorious day.”

SOARING - Renee Williams of Northern Virginia was reluctant to take the wheel while sailing near Williamsburg. Within a few minutes, she adjusted to the heeling (tilting) effect of the boat in a stiff breeze of 15 mph. Her picture tells the rest of the story.

MEMORIAL SAIL - Nanci Bond and Ellen Janoncyzk went sailing to commemorate the mutual day of their late husbands’ birthday. They were both named Bob.

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