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Christopher Lee as King Haggard you are losing my interest and that is very dangerous

"Did you really think that would work? Against me of all people?" He chuckled darkly. "That's cute." (Kai to Haruki)  -tobi

“Don’t play games with me. Don’t ever, ever think you’re capable of that” Cordelia has played these games for years. She IS the game, the rulebook and player. Noting gets past her.

Nope I only  showed a lil it's not a pretty  site when I turn into satan..then u should runnnnn

"Why don't you stow your crap and quit trying to push your 'bad side' onto everyone you stand next to." "You haven't even seen my bad side yet." "I'm a ball of rage and chaos naturally. you'll know when I heat up, Deano.

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you've probably already died in a fabulously dramatic supernovae