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10in x 3in Mens Womens Toilet Bathroom Restroom Sticker Vinyl Window Decal

Safety Signs and Signals (use for matching, sorting, small group bingo etc)

Detail view of an amenity sign  in painted acrylic and brushed brass.

from The Science Penguin

Classroom Management Solution: Hand Signals

Using these hand signals in class will help the flow of class continue and not get interrupted by someone having to raise their hand and ask to go to the restroom or sharpen a pencil. My field teacher uses these and it works wonders!

from The Frisky

This Doctor’s Bathroom Sign Welcomes Everyone

Awesome Bathroom for Equality

This company (Magicwalls) doesn't appear to exist anymore, but I'm going to get one of those machines someday and these icons are small enough (individually) to work.

Väggdekor - Toalett WC symbol nu 39 kr. LOL, print this out, put it in a cheap frame and hang by the bathroom door.

Wayfinding that is both on the floor and on a door. ( Morisawa Corporate Building - Hiromura Design Office )

Peace Stickers Product | 1960 gifts 1960 stickers peace love 1960 sticker rectangle