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ED VALIGURSKY - art for The Galactic Breed by Leigh Brackett - 1955 Ace Double D-99

Leigh Douglass Brackett - The Galactic Breed, 1955 - abridged version of The Starmen, [Pinned

Anne Francis costume test for Forbidden Planet (1956)

Anne Francis costume test for Forbidden Planet the late night, double feature, picture show.in the back row.

Terra Utopische Romane Science Fiction | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Wenn das Grauen Kommt, German translation of The Invaders are Coming by A. Nourse, which was published in - Terra Utopische Romane Science Fiction.

Humans Among US!!!!!!

What a brilliant old ad campaign for the Sci-Fi Channel (before it became SyFy): Yes indeed, monsters and aliens.humans can be frightening and cringe-worthy, can't they?

Vintage Futuristic Ray Guns - toys from Buck Rogers, and others during the 30s and 40s

Atomic Design – Luna’s 50’s Inspired Ukes

tin toy guns (The one is the standard by which toy ray guns should be judged!

Picture of day  nbsp Robot

This old school pulpy illustration of a robot encapsulates the kind of robot designs I wanted to call back to when creating my two guys.