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Fallschirmjager - (Fallschirmjager or Fallschirmjaeger in English) is the German word for paratroopers

German soldier observe from his position - Eastern Front

A rare color portrait of a German grenadier on the march in Russia in June 1941, shortly after the invasion. The bulk of German forces (those who survived, that is) actually trekked from the Polish-Soviet frontier to the distant corners of western Russia and back -- a total distance of a minimum 4,000 miles, give or take. This is a record similar to those of (loser) Napoleon, Alexander the Great's phalanx, and the Roman legions.

German biker. Le Havre 2-4-41.

German STUG 3 with it's crew scouting the immediate area for targets.

"A mother pins flowers, the traditional gift to German soldiers leaving for war, to the jacket of her son."

Soldiers of the SS-Division Verfügungstruppe. France, 1940